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Finding the Weaknesses
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June 2, 2007 (Santa Ana, CA)


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Finding the Weaknesses in Your Novel

You've have a grand time writing your novel. When youíre done, you intend to sell it. Or you tried to sell it, but all youíve received are dozens of rejections letters and youíre pulling your hair out. You may even have self-published, but after many book signings and dozens of talks, you still canít sell enough of your books.

You scream to yourself: Why aren't more people interested in my book?!

  • After someone reads your first page, do they put the book down and say something like, “That’s very interesting”--but they don’t purchase it?
  • Are you in the dark as to why you're having such a hard time getting people to recommend your novel enthusiastically to others?
  • You know you’ve written a good story. Now why don’t more people buy it?

Or have you? Could it be that you have some weaknesses in your novel you’re unaware of?

When writers read their own words, they often see the story they intended to tell, not what they actually wrote. Others read what you actually wrote. Would you like to be able to analyze your own writing with a more objective eye to find the weaknesses which destroy sales?

You'll learn how to improve your own writing through self-editing with such techniques as (1) a Personal Checklist, (2) reviewing your own writing of scenes and chapters for common writing weaknesses, and (3) becoming more sensitive to a wide variety of your own writing weaknesses using a 12-point checklist, which includes the following:

  • Opening
  • Conflict
  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Emotion
  • Point of View
  • And more…

Victory Crayne is a Professional Independent Editor and Writing Coach who will share with you many of the techniques she uses to help her clients become better writers. This presentation will include handouts you can use immediately with your own writing.

Victory will speak Saturday, June 2 at 1pm at the Orange County Writers Meetup Group in Santa Ana.


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