Are You Doing Your Dream Job?

By Victory Crayne

Copyright 2011


I watched a video recently about an entrepreneur. In it he was asked why he selected that type of business and he replied that he had listened to a guy talk about selecting what line of work you should be doing.


Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.

On one side, you put down what you love to do.

On the right side, put what you're good at.

And stare at it until you come up with your dream job.


Are you doing your dream job?


When I went through that simple exercise, I realized that I was heading in the right direction. Iíve known that it is very important to focus on your goal so you know when you are being distracted. Itís the old the Urgent versus the Important battle. Sometimes the Urgent grabs all your time and you don't spend enough time on the Important.


Once I realized what my main goal should be, I asked myself, "What am I doing that is preventing me from getting what I want in my life?"


And whammo! I saw that the distractions I was allowing each day were gobbling up all my time to the point where I was spending only a few weekend hours on my dream job. When I realized that it would take me decades to make enough progress, it dawned on me that not only I was wasting valuable time, but I could instantly see what was distracting me.


I would have to spend more time each day on my dream job.


Now I spend the first two hours (sometimes many more) on activities that directly move me forward to my dream job. After that, I get to my daily to do list. Spending the first two hours of each day on my dream job has an added benefit of keeping that goal in my mind all day, so I can more clearly see what is a distraction.


So let me ask you, ďAre you doing your dream job?Ē Or are you allowing yourself to be distracted?


Victory Crayne


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