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A great list of search tools, how to get internet software, etc.

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Regular Features

blue dot image Proper Email Etiquette
Email has become the most common and popular form of electronic communication in the world, with over 50 billions emails a day or about 600,000 emails per second.

Here are some rules for the most productive standards of email etiquette.

blue dot image Search Tools
The Internet is an incredible tool that allows you to find information on any topic or service within seconds. Whether you're looking for writing tips or information on how a computer or predictive dialer works, an Internet search is the fastest way to get the information you need.

(14k) 40+ search engines and directories to help you find things fast on the net, with comments on the efficiency of each search tool. Some of the tools listed are 'meta-indices', which allow you to search using more than one search engine on their pages. Up to 250 search engines can be accessed.

blue dot image The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Applications (TUCOWS)
TUCOWS primary site, which lists several mirror sites in the USA and all over the world.
TUCOWS a California mirror site
TUCOWS a California mirror site
TUCOWS mirror site in Norman, Oklahoma
TUCOWS FTP SimTel mirror site in Norman, Oklahoma

blue dot image ISO Latin 1
8-bit character set for writing HTML pages with letters like: Æ ñ Þóßÿ or á, ö, è, ê

blue dot image Color Browser
A really neat, fast tool to see what different background colors would look like for your own Web pages. Copy color codes to Clipboard and then write the codes into your own Web page. New version 1.1. See also Web Wizard on this home page.

blue dot image Ever wonder if your firm's name or your personal name is already in use as a domain name, and if so, by whom?

Just enter the desired domain name in the search space to find out. For example, search on: "" to learn about my domain.

Or you may try a person's name, e.g. "yourname" to see if there is any information about that person.

blue dot image Network Solutions WhoIs

blue dot image Network Solutions Home Page
If you wish to register your domain name on your own. Most people prefer to have their Internet Service Provider or web page service company do it for them. You must give your Internet Service Provider's identity as part of our registration.

blue dot image Domain name registries around the world
(12k) Ever wonder what country a given email or posting is from? See this list sorted by country or by code to find the answers. For instance, CA = Canada, UK = United Kingdom (Great Britain), ES = Spain, SE = Sweden, etc. See also "Generic top level domains" such as BIZ = Business Organizations, INT = International Orgainizations, etc.

blue dot image The HTML Writers Guild
If you wish to join the world's largest organization of writers of web pages, this is it. There are several mailing lists you may choose from: hwg-basic, hwg-main, hwg-bus, etc. This is the place to learn a lot about writing web pages, new technologies, managing web sites, etc.

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See also: [ Motivation | Writing | Internet |
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