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This is a portal page, with links to Web sites that maintain lists of markets for short stories. No links directly to publishing magazines are given here.

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General Market Lists

  1. 2013 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market (book, not a website)

    2013 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market: Thousands of places to get your fiction into print. Available at bookstores and Amazon.

    This is a book, not a web site. I provide it here because it has a great many markets for short stories of all kinds. At $18 retail, this paperback is a valuable investment for short story writers. This book is a great tool for writers and is affordable for even those writers who need to stay on a fixed budget.

  2. The Market List

    Primarily a site for speculative fiction writers, it also has a list of "market listing" websites for writers of all genres.

  3. Towse's Links to Online Submission Guidelines - Agents, Publishers, Markets for Writers

    Check "Paying Markets" pages for hundreds of listings.

  4. Writer's Guidelines Database

    Paying Markets Alphabetical List

Speculative Fiction Lists - Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

  1. Ralan.com

    Ralan Conley maintains one of the best lists of markets. Keeps up to date. Includes book publishers, magazines, ezines, contests, etc.

  2. Kasma Magazine

    A new magazine focusing primarily on science fiction.

  3. Locus Online

    The magazine of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Field. Considered by many to be THE source of industry news.

  4. The Market List

    Lists markets, articles, etc. for science fiction, fantasy, and horror short story writers. It's compiled bimonthly and interrim market updates are posted daily to the page. By Christopher Holliday.

    Comments from Debi Ohi in Inklings: "Current listing of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror short fiction markets, compiled bimonthly in windows helpfile format. Over eighty markets are included, categorized by professional, semi-pro, 'zine, anthology, and contest. Also, short articles and Q & A with writers and editors, and tips and hints on submitting your work. Searchable keywords include genre, story length, simultaneous submissions, new listing, and average response time. Both Windows and Mac downloadable text files available. I downloaded the Mac version and was extremely impressed by the volume of information. Looks like the info is frequently updated, too. This is definitely a "must-see" for anyone interested in sf/f/h markets. The site also has a list of "market listing" websites for writers of all genres."

  5. Paula Fleming's Market List

    Orderly, comprehensive listing of speculative fiction markets; includes links to markets' Web sites and editorial e-mail addresses.

  6. SFWA Market Reports

    A page on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. site that lists other sites with links to markets, from the Science Fiction.

  7. Speculations

    Writing sources, updated quarterly. Monthly updates available by paid subscription.

Want more sources on speculative fiction?

  1. Click here for a Google search on the terms "market list" and "science fiction". Some search items may be out of date, of course.

Caution List - Caution notices on these links

  1. Writer.com

    This site seems focused on selling TO the writer, with different tiers of PAID membership, lots of products for sale by writers.com, and lots of ads from paid sponors. And beware of pop-up advertising.

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