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Great sources of motivation

A positive attitude is necessary to keep yourself motivated.
Setting manageable goals for yourself will help keep you on track
to achieve your dream of writing your first book or short story.

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Regular Features

blue dot image "Victory's Motivational Newsletter (Issue 1)"
by Victory Crayne (24k).

"Like I told my brother back east, 'If you don't feel absolutely terrific already, you need to start reading this newsletter.'"
- A. J. Smith

I try to focus on giving specific advice on how to motivate yourself. This is a totally non-religious, non-mystical, practical, scientific newsletter devoted to helping people learn the tools of self-motivation that I think we should have learned but missed earlier in our lives.

You deserve to be a well motivated person regardless of your background and current situation. With the right mental 'tools' like the ones I offer in this newsletter, you will find ways to perk yourself up to your highest level of personal achievement and satisfaction.

blue dot image Want to save time and download all 6 issues (in text format) to your hard disk?
Visit VMN1-6.ZIP.
blue dot image "Victory's Motivational Newsletter (Issue 2)"
by Victory Crayne (28k).

"I didn't know you could feel this good about life without drugs or religion. You pulled me out of my slump. I want more!"
- Charles Weber

"I printed out issues of your newsletter. And when I sat down to read them, I began with a skeptical mind. Now that I read them, I have to admit, I'm feeling positive and energetic. My mind is surging with visions of myself doing better, looking better and feeling better! You managed to motivate me and I'm convinced further newsletters will have the same effect. Who wouldn't want to feel good? Thanks so much!"
- S. A. McGregor <>
blue dot image "Victory's Motivational Newsletter (Issue 3)"
by Victory Crayne (25k). Issue 3 talks about our human brain and how we learn our current level of motivation.
blue dot image "Victory's Motivational Newsletter (Issue 4)"
by Victory Crayne (22k). Issue 4 deals with our subconscious mind and affirmations.
blue dot image "Victory's Motivational Newsletter (Issue 5)"
by Victory Crayne (21k). Issue 5 deals with interacting with others and hugs.
blue dot image "Victory's Motivational Newsletter (Issue 6)"
by Victory Crayne (25k). Issue 6 teaches you how to use self-hypnosis to motivate yourself.
blue dot image "To Achieve Your Dreams, Remember Your ABCs"
by Wanda Carter (2k) Twenty-six simple guides to reaching your goals. Visit Wanda Carter's Home Page for more inspiring articles. Copyrights reserved 1990 by Wanda Hope Carter, e-mail at This piece is published as a poster and is available in major department stores or through the author at the above addresses.

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