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Created in 1997, SFNovelist.com is an elite group among writer's workshops. We were the first Internet writing group devoted to this subgenre of science fiction. We all know that writing hard science SF is demanding. The standards in our genre are very high. Only a small percentage of all science fiction writers can do what we do and as a result, the demand for our products is high in the marketplace. Join us to polish your craft to the shine it needs in the marketplace.

Are you interested in writing "hard science" SF novels or short stories?

If you are, consider joining the SFNovelist.com writing workshop, dedicated writers of "hard science" SF, where the science is believable. Some hardliners say FTL (faster than light travel) and time travel are not possible, but we accept them. We are more interested in good stories than in writing scientific papers. Besides, without FTL, all SF stories would take place in the Solar System.

What we don't write

Sorry but we don't work on Fantasy or SF Horror. There are plenty of other websites for writers of those genres.

Benefits of membership

  1. Tap into the collective wisdom of our writing community on how to develop your writing skills.
    • Find solutions to writing problems, for example, the discussions we've had entitled "thoughts on thoughts" or "tense about tense."
    • Solve technical problems, for example, population density on a spaceship and artificial gravity -- its dependence on radius from the axis and weird effects of the Coriolis force.
  2. Learn from others on:
    • How to publish your fiction.
    • What's already been published on some topic.
    • How they are writing their stories.
  3. Participate in our occasional writing exercises.
  4. Participate in our annual short story contest.
    • Gain recognition on the contest web page.
    • Practice writing concisely and to the point in few words. This skill in sharpness and crispness can help you in your novel.
  5. Learn by teaching. Teaching novices is almost as beneficial to the teacher as it is to the novices.

Members who are professionals in the publishing industry


Short Story Contests

Once a year, we hold our own short story contest.

Creativity building

Periodically our president:

  • Gives a simple writing prompt and the members try their hands at making a story out of it.
  • Gives other writing exercises that challenge and develop our skills.

Quotations on writing:

"When this question comes up... and it will... 'When are you going to get a real job?' Just say 'my job is not reaching my death bed with regrets about dreams I was too scared to pursue. You should look into it.' That generally shuts people right up." - Stephen King

More quotations on writing

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

"Don't let anyone steal your dreams. Follow your heart, no matter what." - Jack Cainfield

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