Victory's Motivational Newsletter

Issue No. 1   Nov 5, 1995

by Victory Crayne

Our Motto: Life IS an incredibly beautiful experience!

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Table of Contents:

    Letters to the Editor
    Warm up
    My past wasn't always this good
    Your Winning or Losing Physiology
    The Human Race
    ResourceFULL state
    Reliving a resourceFULL state
    In the next issue
    From the Publisher
Letters to the Editor

Dear Victory:
What a great idea - motivating people over the net-waves. You are right - most of our input from the media is negative - it's time to balance the scales, or even to switch the balance altogether towards motivation and happiness. You are obviously a very happy and fulfilled person, and since winners hang with winners, I'd like to hang with you!
- Carole Oglesby
Dear Victory:
Shush! Please keep it quiet. This kind of advice is going to put us therapists out of business.
- Lani Kraus, M.A., C.S.W, Mental Health Therapist

Warm up

    Well, hello, hello! Welcome to a world of permanent

    You have already taken a step toward your future by deciding
    to share some time with me and this newsletter. In my many
    years as a professional motivator, I have spoken to thousands
    of individuals, like yourself, who would like to have more
    enthusiasm in their lives. More zip and power! More

    And who would like to avoid the low periods.

    Well, you have come to the right place! We are going to have
    an INCREDIBLE time together as we discuss dozens of powerful
    tools in this series.

    You see, I have one of the most optimistic attitudes of all
    people on our planet and I just love to share the excitement
    I feel about life and people with you.

    If you are in sales, you know it is absolutely critical that
    you are highly motivated every day. As the famous sales
    trainer Brian Tracy said: "A sale is the transference of
    enthusiasm from the seller to the buyer." As salespeople, we
    know we have to first be enthused about what we are offering.
    If we lack enthusiasm, we can't sell anything!

    It is my hope that everyone, not just those in sales,
    realizes that being motivated is critical for success in any

    High motivation leads to happiness and success. Low
    motivation leads to sadness and failure. I want all of you to
    be as excited about yourselves and about life as I am.

    Bear in mind that I was not always this excited, though.
My past wasn't always this good
    I have had my fair share of adversity.

    I had an alcoholic father, who died in my arms, alone with me
    when I was just 13 years old.

    I had a serious birth defect that almost killed me.
    I had a marriage that did not work out.
    I have been fired from jobs.
    I failed courses in school and college.
    I have been out of work many times.
    I have had several business ventures fail.
    I suffered personal bankruptcy.

    I have been so depressed on a number of occasions that I
    seriously considered suicide.

    All that, of course, is behind me now and will never return.

    I now have an extremely OPTIMISTIC view of life.

    I now realize that all of my earlier problems were really
    lessons I had to learn in order to become the fully
    self-actualized and winning adult I am now.

    I believe LIFE is an absolutely WONDERFUL experience!

    Being alive is intoxicating! [And this is from one who never
    uses drugs!]

    I want to share with you some of the valuable lessons I have
    learned in my struggles and challenges, and some of the
    incredibly insightful things I have learned from many

    I want YOU, my friend, to become as excited about life and
    yourself as I am!

    Let us start our journey on that path right now.
"You tend to become like the people and ideas you hang around with."
- Victory Crayne

Your Winning or Losing Physiology

    First, I want you to get your body in the right condition to
    really absorb some of the energy we'll share.

    It is hard to feel really happy and excited when your body is
    in a posture that encourages negative thinking.

    Now - let's start with straightening your spine. Lift your
    shoulders and your chin up!

    Take a nice deep breath and get that chest up high!

    (enter the sound of your deep inhaling)

    Let your breath out when you want to.

    Put a smile on those lips! Put a gleam in those eyes!

    Take another nice deep breath. Okay!

    If you can stand up right now, please do so. And raise your
    arms above your head. Stretch your hands upwards and try to
    grab some of those high flying clouds up there!

    Really stretch now!

    Feel the energy of being alive wake you up!

    Let us begin our sharing!
Idea: Leave a quarter where a child can find it.

The Human Race

    If you look at the history of our human species, you can't
    help but be impressed at how FANTASTIC a job we are doing of
    developing ourselves!

    Millions of years ago we climbed down out of trees. We lacked
    sharp claws or teeth, or horns or a tough hide. We could not
    run fast on four legs.

    We were so small that a tiger had to eat 3 of us to get a
    decent meal! And now humans threatens the extinction of ALL
    the tigers.

    Even 130 years ago, life was quite different from ours today.
    Picture what it would be like it you were born in 1865. You
    would have only a 60 percent chance of living to age 5.

    If you had a major illness like appendicitis at any time in
    your life, you simply got sicker and died. Always!

    There was no electricity or TV or cars! You would have to get
    around mostly by walking, riding a horse or in a carriage
    pulled by a horse. You couldn't commute fifty miles to work.
    All roads were dirt roads, even in downtown large cities.

    Many people worked 16 hours a day just to get enough to eat.
    In most countries, women of the upper wealthy classes and
    nearly everyone in the lower classes were not allowed to own
    property or to vote!

    And that was a mere 5 generations ago!!

    Think of the enormous progress we have made since then!

    We invented electric lights, cars, airplanes, radio,
    television, computers, and refrigerators.

    We discovered penicillin and antibiotics. We beat the major
    diseases of childhood including polio, scarlet fever, yellow
    fever, and tuberculosis. Have you heard of anyone in your
    town dying of any of these recently?

    We can look at the newspapers and watch news on TV and see a
    lot of bad news. But bad news is what sells newspapers and TV
    time. Bad news is not the REAL picture of life. Do you really
    want to read or watch negative stuff -- and become negative?

    For thousands of years, we banded together in tribes and
    fought wars with each other. Now even that is changing!

    Here is a little known fact of GREAT importance.

    Since the United States became the first large scale
    democracy in the 18th century, there has never been a war
    between two nations whose governments were freely elected!

    Dictators start wars. The best way we have to abolishing war
    is to spread democracy and get rid of dictators.

    With the desire for every nation to have an advanced
    civilization, there will be televisions and newspapers
    everywhere. With the spread of global communications, trade,
    and travel, you simply CANNOT keep a nation under a
    dictatorship forever!

    As an example, look what happened to the Soviet Union -- a
    superpower dictatorship that came crashing down.

    I predict that within 50 years -- mark my words -- there will
    be NO MORE WARS!

    As Julian Simon, professor at the University of Maryland in
    the US, said: "Don't believe the doomsayers. Humankind is
    better off than ever before in just about every measurable
    way....And there is stronger reason than ever to believe that
    progressive trends will continue past the year 2000, past the
    year 2100, and indefinitely."

    "It took thousands of years to increase life expectancy at
    birth from just over 20 years to the high 20s. Then, in just
    the past two centuries, the length of life one could expect
    for a newborn in the advanced countries jumped from less than
    30 years to perhaps 75 years." - Julian Simon

    In the United States, in 1900 the average life expectancy was
    only 49 years. Today it is over 75. In that time we have
    added 26 more years to the AVERAGE person's lifetime! That's
    almost 10,000 additional days of life! By the year 2020, I
    expect the average person in many advanced countries will
    live to 100 years. THAT'S PROGRESS!

    Remember, what your mind dwells upon, you tend to believe.

    The human race is full of good people doing good things.
    That's YOU and ME!


    We live in a time of ABUNDANCE!

    Did you know there are now 1.4 million Americans who have a
    net worth of over 1 million dollars each? Over a million
    millionaires! Which adds up to one out of every 86 workers in
    the US.

    Did you know you could be one too?

    I'm not joking, my friend! It does not take a gigantic
    intelligence or a college degree, or LUCK, to become a

    ALL humans can live the lives of modern kings, with great
    abundance of money and possessions and personal freedom.

    The big problem that holds most of us back - is our mental

    What we need is more Positive Self Expectancy. Positive Self
    Expectancy is expecting the most favorable result from your

    Ever hear anyone tell you "Try your best and expect the
    worst"? Whoa! Throw that negative thought out!

    Try your best and expect the best!

    Winners expect to win in advance. They understand that life
    is a self fulfilling prophecy and that you usually get what
    you expect in the long run.

    The winners in life concentrate on their desired results
    rather than the possible problems.

    The Simplest Formula for Success is this:

        Follow Winners, Avoid Losers.

    That applies to your thoughts also. Follow winning and
    positive thoughts and avoid losing and negative thoughts.

    You can tell Losers from their lack of joy in their lives.
    Losers tell you they CAN'T do LOTS of things. And since they
    can't see success for themselves, they can't see it for you.

    Now -- what do Winners tell you?

    Winners tell you "You can be whatever you want to be."

    Winners encourage you to try harder and support you all the

    Winners will build up your self confidence.

    Would you like to have more Winners talking into your ear
    every day? Let me tell you how.

    There are two sources of positive motivation.

    The first kind is 'external motivation' - the kind you get
    from someone else, like what you are reading now.

    You will find an endless source of external motivation by
    listening to motivational audiotapes, by reading self help
    and motivational books, by attending seminars at least once a
    month, and by reading some non-fiction magazines.

    The other kind of motivation is 'internal motivation' - the
    kind you give yourself. That's the most important and the
    most lasting kind. And the kind I am going to teach you to do
    for yourself.

    Are you ready for some practical tools for getting yourself
    in a WINNING mental state every day?

    As I teach my audiences to say at many motivational seminars:

        I win every day!

        It's not over ... till I get what I want!
"Think you can, think you can't; either way you'll be right."
- Henry Ford

ResourceFULL state

    In each issue of this newsletter, I will introduce several
    very powerful tools that you can use to MOTIVATE YOURSELF!

    The first tool for today is getting yourself into a highly
    resource-FULL state.

    What do I mean by a resourceFULL state? I mean that emotional
    and mental condition where you create options and solve
    problems at your VERY BEST!

    Now, resourceFULLness is a continuum. The lowest level is
    seen in people who are depressed or have serious emotional
    problems. Unemployed people often have a lot of depression,
    which prevents them from trying very hard. They have TWO
    problems - not having regular decent income any more AND
    they're depressed. They are definitely in a resourceLESS

    In many classes I've given to the unemployed, I've told them:
"It's hard to WIN the race with no WIND in your sails!"
- Victory Crayne

    They need to focus on becoming mentally resourceFULL again.

    At the next level, we have average people's routine lives,
    which all too often is full of boredom. They are solving
    problems but have to work hard at it. They often feel out of
    control. And they are NOT enjoying themselves.

    The very highest state of resourceFULLness is the normal
    level experienced by winners! They know they perform at their
    very best in this state - so they make sure they maintain
    their highest resourceFULLness.

    If you are depressed, you are in a very resourceLESS state.
    And in that mental state, you look upon anything you do as
    being HARD to do. You lack any self confidence. You tend to
    destroy options.

    That's certainly not a nice place to be, is it?

    On the other hand, when you are in a highly resourceFULL
    state, you create options! You have great self confidence!

    It's a lot like the difference between winners and losers.

    A LOSER remembers past problems and failures and gives up.
    A WINNER always starts from where he is now with a fresh

    A LOSER lets his attitude be determined by the events around
    A WINNER controls his own attitude.

    A LOSER says "It may be possible, but it's TOO DIFFICULT."
    A WINNER says "It may be difficult, but it's possible!"

    Those of us who are in a high resourceFULL state

    Ask yourself: who are you hanging around with: losers,
    average people, or winners? If you have difficulty finding
    winners who will spend time with you, well, spend time with
    their books and tapes!

    Spend more time with people who have a REALLY POSITIVE mental
    attitude! People like me! Find people who are striving very
    hard to achieve high goals.

    Let's now focus on some ways to get into a highly
    resourceFULL state.

Reliving a resourceFULL state

    One way is to re-live what it felt like before. We have all
    had some experiences in our past in which we excelled. Even
    if you have to go back quite a few years in your memories,
    everyone has excelled at SOMETHING SOMETIME!

    My friend, I want you to think back now to one of those
    times. I want you to choose one of the those experiences
    right now, a time when you were highly self confident.

    Now, I want you to scan all your memories of your entire
    life, and pick out a time when you were feeling really great!
    Pick whatever was a truly ecstatic experience for you!

        Was it at your work?

        Was it at an enjoyable hobby?

        Maybe it was when you were in school or in college.

        Was it at the start of a new job?

        Was it while you were solving a challenging problem at
        work and you received praise?

        Were you acting a dramatic role in a stage play and
        received applause?

        Was it when you asked someone you loved to marry you, or
        they asked you?

        Did it happen while you were achieving a new high in your
        exercise program?

        Were you winning a race against time on something?

        Were you learning something really powerful in a book
        that changed your life?

        Was it when you made a major decision in your life and
        felt the tremendous burst of energy from making that
        decision, the release of pent up psychic energy?

    I will wait a few second for you to scan your memories and
    pick one.

    [...stop reading here until you come up with one]

    Got one? Great!

    Can you remember the struggles you went through to achieve
    success? Can you picture the feeling of excitement you had at
    that time?

    Try to bring back from your memories -- right now -- the
    feelings you had. The joy. The smile on your face. The sense
    of personal accomplishment. The optimism you felt. The belief
    you had that life was just and kind, that you could go on to
    do just about anything you wanted to do.

    Picture that scene in great detail. It is important that you
    involve as many of your physical senses as you can in this
    experiment, to help you remember it better in the future.

    HEAR the voices.
    SEE yourself at the moment, see and FEEL your pleasure.
    SEE and HEAR the smiles of the others around you.

    Right now, put your body in that position you were
    experiencing back then. Recreate your posture from that

    Lift your chin and face the way you did when you felt the
    great moment of pleasure.

    You will remember this moment better at a later date if you
    involve as many of your physical senses as you can.

    If possible, SMELL the air or surroundings you were

    BREATHE like you did then.
    FEEL your blood getting excited!

    FEEL your emotions of that moment!
    FEEL the sense of great joy!
    FEEL the self-confidence you felt then!
    SMILE from ear to ear with your joy!

    You can tackle anything right now, you have such high energy,
    such high self-confidence!

    I want you to memorize every physical sense your are
    experiencing right now as you recall all this.

    Memorize this wonderful physiology and feeling.

    You want to recreate this memory and emotional feeling again
    in the future, so take a few moments to memorize what's
    happening to your body and your feelings right now!

    Focus on what you are SEEING, what you are HEARING, what you
    are TOUCHING, what emotions you are FEELING.

    Now, let's apply a 'trigger', a phrase or image, that you can
    use to instantly bring back those feelings any time you want.

    Say to yourself, as loud as you can inside our own head:

       I remember the time when ....

       I'm reexperiencing those wonderful feelings RIGHT NOW!

       I'm turning myself ON!

    Can you FEEL your greater self confidence?

    Whenever you want to upgrade your mood, whenever you want to
    charge yourself up, remember the trigger phrase and say to

       I remember the time when ....

       I'm reexperiencing those wonderful feelings RIGHT NOW!

       I'm turning myself ON!

    Make that your 'trigger' to bring your body and your mind up
    to that highly resourceFUL state.

    You really enjoyed your mental power then. You put your
    creative powers to work to solve problems, because you WANTED
    them solved and thought YOU COULD DO IT.

    At the time, you were feeling VERY resourceFULL, weren't you?

    When we are in a resourceFULL state, we believe we can do
    ALMOST ANYTHING! We get 4 times as much done when we are in a
    resourceFULL state as when in a resourceLESS state! -- 4
    times as much in both quality and quantity!

    That is why improving your mental state is so critical for
    you, my friend! We NEED that great enthusiasm and creativity
    so we can create options, solve problem, and sell others on
    our ideas.
"The day you stop learning is the day you start dying."
- Unknown


    Let's review some of the key ideas we have discussed.

    In the morning, after you are physically dressed, take a few
    moments to 'dress up your body and mind' too. Start with
    straightening your spine. Lift your shoulders and your chin
    up! Take a nice deep breath and get that chest up high!

    You will see that how we feel about ourselves first
    determines our attitude towards others. When you have a
    better attitude about yourself AND others, success will come
    more easily.

    As we seek our goals, it is helpful to remember the Simplest
    Formula for Success, which is:

       Follow Winners, Avoid Losers!

    That applies to our thoughts also. Follow winning and
    positive thoughts -- and avoid losing and negative thoughts.

    Repeat to yourself every day:

        I win every day!

        It's not over...till I get what I want!

    We must focus at the start of each day on getting into a
    highly resourceFULL mental state, because those of us who are
    in more resourceFULL state:


    Whenever you want to upgrade your mood, whenever you want to
    charge yourself up, remember the trigger phrase and say to

       I remember the time when ....

       I'm reexperiencing those wonderful feelings RIGHT NOW!

       I'm turning myself ON!

    Make that your 'trigger' to bring your body and your mind up
    to that highly resourceFUL state.


    I hope that you can picture the effect on your mind and your
    life of being in a highly motivated state - every day.

    In these issues, we will share dozens of 'mental tools' that
    you can use on your own to raise your level of motivation to
    the beautifully high level where you can accomplish whatever
    you have as your goals.

    I look forward to sharing time and ideas with you again in
    the next issue.

In the next issue:

    Tool    "$10,000 solution"
    Tool    Motivation notebook

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