Victory's Motivational Newsletter

Issue No. 4   Feb 13, 1996

by Victory Crayne

Our Motto: Life IS an incredibly beautiful experience!

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Table of Contents:

    Warm up
    Review of key ideas from the last issue
    Use your subconscious mind
    Designing personalized affirmations
    Review of key ideas
    Two challenges

Warm up

    Hello! This is your friend Victory Crayne back again.

    By this, the fourth issue of our sharing, you should be
    gaining some good results and good feelings from what we have
    discussed so far.

    I'm sure you are looking forward to hearing what other
    powerful motivational tools await you in the rest of this
    newsletter series. I promise you there will lots more.

    We are continually learning about our world, our environment,
    how to fight more diseases, how to build great computers and
    intelligent machines, how to make new crops, and how to
    design materials for a specific purpose. We are even learning
    how to overcome many human physical limitations, like how to
    use computer chips planted in the retina of the eye to help
    previously blind people see.

    We are coming to the day when we will not have to surgically
    open up bodies in order to fix what is inside.

    But the one area of learning I am most excited about is the
    science of how our minds work and how we can use our minds
    to achieve even more than before. This arena of the 'mental
    sciences' is in its infancy, comparable to the early days
    of the biological sciences when Pasteur learned of bacteria.

    Over the next twenty years, we can expect some surprising and
    useful results from the studies of the human brain and mind.
    For example, we are on our way to finding cures for criminal
    behavior as well as the kind of blind thinking that leads to

    Some powerful discoveries in the mental sciences have already
    been made and will appear right here in issues of this
Review of last issue
    We discussed how wonderful your human brain is and how it
    forms pathways between neurons from your experiences.

    Even though you could not control how many of the physical
    pathways in your brain were made from negative experiences,
    we saw how using affirmations can have a marvelous effect on
    building new and improved pathways.

    We learned how the deliberate daily morning programming of
    your brain and moods can help you lead a very motivated life.
    I even gave you some examples of my personally designed

    Next came an interesting story from ancient Greece on the
    value of motivation in achieving success. The old man just
    smiled and replied "When you want success as much as you
    wanted that gulp of air, THEN you will be successful!"

    In this issue, I will show how to tap the tremendous power of
    your subconscious mind, how to design personalized
    affirmations, and lastly, I will challenge you to do two
    things for yourself.

Use your subconscious mind

    It is through your subconscious mind that you contact and tap
    into the power of your own private 'Infinite Intelligence.'

    Your subconscious mind never sleeps like your conscious mind
    does. As you experience events and ideas all day, your brain
    cells store those experiences and your reactions to them.

    These become part of what I call your personal 'Infinite
    Intelligence'. This part of you acts like a computer that has
    stored all that you've learned or experienced since your
    birth. This is not just your memory, but your total sense of
    identity, self awareness, self confidence, wisdom, etc.

    You can tap into that great Infinite Intelligence of yours at
    any time. Let me explain a little of how your subconscious
    mind works and how you can use it to get what you want.

    Using your subconscious mind, you have a wonderful chance to
    communicate directly with your body and tell it what you want
    it to do. This can be helpful in encouraging your body to
    heal quickly, gain energy, lose fat, etc.

    But one of the truly most powerful tools you have at your
    disposal through your subconscious mind is your own private
    source of 'Infinite Intelligence'.

    Some people perceive this as their private avenue to the god
    they believe in. Even though your spiritual strength is
    something you need to explore to your own satisfaction, I will
    not discuss the spiritual aspects of your own Infinite
    Intelligence here. For our purposes here, I am not talking
    about spirituality. I'm talking about you.

    There are several ways to tap into your subconscious mind for
    intellectual and creative greatness, but the three easiest
    ways are through:

       1.  Meditation
       2.  Commands you give to your subconscious mind just
           before going to sleep
       3.  Affirmations.


    There are many ways to use meditation, too many to cover
    here. But all of them start with these steps. Find a quiet
    and private place, relax your body so you are not distracted,
    empty your mind of daily cares, and then focus on a train of

    I personally select a quiet place and time and go into a
    semi-trance state by 'defocusing' my conscious mind. By that
    I mean I rid my mind of any thoughts of the day and just turn
    'down the volume' of my active thinking. I try to envision a
    foggy white cloud all around me with nothing going on. No
    thoughts. No analytical, critical thinking. No worries.

    I then start a dialogue with myself. For example, I start
    asking myself some simple questions, like:
        "What do I really want here?"
        "What is holding me back?"
        "What is really bothering me?"
        "What am I afraid of?"
        "What self limiting belief is holding me back?"

    I relax and listen to whatever answers come to my mind. If I
    have really relaxed my mind, the answers will come bouncing
    back to me immediately. They come straight from my own
    private feelings and understanding.

    I have used this technique many times in my life, when I
    wished greater strength and more ideas for solving some
    particularly difficult problems. It has never failed me.

    While sleeping:

    The second way of tapping into your Infinite Intelligence can
    be done while you are sleeping.

    A word of caution: in order to use this technique, it is
    important to avoid stressful thoughts and experiences just
    before going to sleep, like watching TV programs, or the
    horrible TV news programs, or having an argument with
    someone. Such thoughts will bounce around inside your head
    and prevent you from relaxing enough.

    After you slip under the covers, if you wish your
    subconscious mind to work on your goals, then review them
    briefly. Or if you have some problem you wish to have solved,
    review all you know about that problem. Be careful here to
    not start a worry session! Just review the highlights of what
    you know about it.

    Then give yourself some instructions. Perhaps something like

        I can solve any problem I want
        as I just create enough options!
        I want my Subconscious Mind
        to create more options for me
        and have the solutions ready for me
        when I wake.

    Then put your mind to rest and try to get to sleep. Don't be
    surprised if you have your answers upon waking!

    Tapping into their subconscious minds in this manner has
    helped many artists, scientists, and business people solve
    thorny problems whose solutions have eluded them during the
    busy times of their day.

    I have a clipboard beside my bed so I can write down the
    answers as they come to me in the middle of the night. My
    subconscious mind passes the problem to my Infinite
    Intelligence and it in turn provides some truly marvelous
    answers that I could not find during the day.


    The third way of using your subconscious mind can also be
    done during normal waking and alert hours. It involves using
    personalized affirmations.

Designing personalized affirmations

    I want you to read these lines to yourself very slowly.
    Repeat each one a second time before going on to the next.

       I am a wonderful person in my own right.

       There is Greatness in me!

       I win every day!

       It's not over...till I get what I want!

    If you are like most people, you will experience an uplifting
    effect when you talk to yourself that way. What you are doing
    is talking to not only your conscious mind but to your
    subconscious mind as well.

    Your subconscious mind is like a child and believes whatever
    you tell it. You can tell your subconscious mind what you
    want to feel and it will cooperate.

    I will give you some of my favorite affirmations in a few
    minutes. Right now I want to teach you how to make your own
    so you learn how to motivate yourself. That's important in
    achieving permanent motivation.

    Start by writing down your goals. While you are at it, pay
    some attention to your beliefs and your feelings.

    We can use affirmations as one very powerful way to 'program'
    some beliefs into us -- beliefs that will create strong faith
    in ourselves.

    Next, identify the three most important weaknesses you suffer
    from that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.
    Then you can custom design an affirmation for each one to
    personalize your new way of thinking each day.

    The key to the power of affirmations is that through them we
    are actually talking to our subconscious mind. Our
    subconscious will believe anything we tell it. But we have to
    be careful to tell it in the right way or it will get the
    wrong message.

    Twelve steps to designing an affirmation:

    Step No. 1: Use the personal pronoun "I". This is more
    effective than stating a general idea in philosophical terms,
    or using "people who...", or "you", or 'we', or 'one', or
    "Those who", etc. You want your subconscious mind to realize
    this is personal. You mean yourself, not someone else.

    Step No. 2: Use the present tense, not the future tense. Your
    subconscious mind doesn't operate in the future. It only has
    'now'. If you use the words "I will...." then your
    subconscious interprets this as something it can ignore,
    since the word "will" is for the future. Try using "I am, I
    can", etc.

    Step No. 3: Do not use the word 'try'. 'Try' is not complete
    enough. If you say something like "I will try to get to work
    on time.", your subconscious mind will interpret that as
    saying "It's okay to make a feeble attempt and then quit, but
    don't go so far as to actually DO IT. The boss (that's your
    conscious mind) only said 'try'. The boss did not say to
    actually do it now!" and of course, if you fail in your
    trying, you are off the hook. You've given yourself an excuse
    for failure.

    Step No. 4: Put some feeling words in your affirmations. Try
    to put some emotional and sensory rich language into your
    statement. Your subconscious mind really understands and
    loves feelings. Your affirmation should be spoken with as
    much conviction as you can give it.

    I have found that writing the feeling words in all capital
    letters helps me remember to shout those words to myself.
    This is an excellent way to remember to put feeling into

    Step No. 5: Do not use the negative of an idea, for example
    "I am NOT lazy today." Your subconscious mind works in
    strange ways. It cannot recognize a negative, so it only
    hears: "I am lazy today."

    Be sure to avoid alternate forms of negatives too, like
    'rather than...', 'instead of...', 'avoid...', etc.

    This is the single greatest rule you must follow: do not use
    any negative words!

    If being lazy is a problem for you, you might try something
    like this: "I am VERY PRODUCTIVE in my work today!"

    Step No. 6: For correcting negative or counterproductive
    beliefs or behaviors, identify the opposite belief or
    behavior and use that concept in your affirmation.

    For example, the opposite of lazy is very productive. The
    opposite of procrastination is 'start my tasks right away'.

    Step No. 7: Make sure your affirmation creates a 'win/win'
    situation for everybody involved. If you are trying to gain
    something at someone's loss, you are actually trying to make
    a negative event happen. Instead of trying to get a bigger
    piece of the same sized pie, try to do or create something
    that will make the pie bigger for you and for everyone. That
    will make you feel good and will help empower you.

    Step No. 8: Keep the sentences short, so they are easily
    understood by your subconscious. Try to keep them under
    thirty words or three lines, if possible.

    Step No. 9: Write it in such a way that it will SELL YOU on
    YOU! The more specific you make it, the stronger result you
    will have.

    Step No. 10: Write it down! Put those powerful words into a
    sentence you can find and use again. You don't think that you
    need to say it to yourself just once do you?!

    Step No. 11: Post a copy of your affirmations on or near your
    desk, or carry them in your pocket or purse, and look at them
    several times during the day. You may know them by heart, but
    taking a few seconds to read them again will provide a
    powerful boost to your subconscious mind.

    Step No. 12: Practice saying each affirmation over and over
    again. Drill it into your subconscious mind. Practice saying
    it with more and more conviction, until you can feel yourself

    An example:

    Let me take an example of a weakness I have suffered from and
    show you, step by step, how I created a very effective
    affirmation for it.

    I found I was spending too much time organizing my desk, or
    organizing files on my computer, or straightening up my
    general work area. I was actually practicing avoidance
    behavior and procrastinating, instead of getting right to
    work on what needed to be done.

    Has this ever happened to you? I'll bet it has.

    So, how did I create an affirmation to correct my
    procrastinating behavior?

    I started with the word "I". I chose a present tense word

    Since 'overorganizing' was the negative I wished to avoid, I
    chose a positive phrase that was an opposite. I asked myself
    "What should I be focusing on instead of overorganizing?"  I
    chose the phrase "The Most Important Thing".

    I added a clause to tell me to postpone organizing and state
    it in a positive way -- "and leave organizing for later."

    I added an emotional word to increase the affirmation's
    effect on me. I added in the word 'enjoy'.

    So, imagine, I have been suffering from wasting time
    organizing. Here is my new affirmation to help me fix that.

        I ENJOY doing the Most Important Thing and am leaving
        organizing for later!

    And then I practiced saying it over and over to myself. I
    practiced saying it with more conviction, until I could feel
    myself believing it.

    If that is one of your weaknesses, try saying this
    affirmation to yourself four times with great conviction:

        I ENJOY doing the Most Important Thing and leave
        organizing for later!

    Can you feel how effective that becomes?

    Your turn:

    I want you to take a moment or two to write down a few of
    your weaknesses. Or a few goals you would like to encourage
    yourself to believe in more. Or any very positive belief or
    feeling you would like to have.

    Go ahead. Stop reading this for a couple minutes and write a
    couple down. I'll wait.



    Great! Welcome back. I knew you could do it.

    Creating your own affirmations is one of the most powerful
    tools you can learn from this newsletter.

    My favorite affirmations:

    Let me give you some examples of my favorite affirmations, as
    food for thought for your own use. If you wish to copy one
    for your own -- be my guest.

    Write it down though. Don't trust your memory. Remember the
    ancient Chinese proverb: "The weakest ink is stronger than
    the strongest memory."

    I have included caps to show those words which I pay
    particular attention to and say with lots of feeling.

        Whatever I POSITIVELY program my mind with in the first 2
        minutes of the day always leads to GREAT POWER all day!

        I have the most Positive, Powerful, and Productive
        attitude today!

        I create my own Reality. I MAKE the kind of reality I
        WANT to come true!

        The most powerful force I have is what I say to myself
        and believe. That's how I create my reality. I am careful
        to say ONLY GREAT and POSITIVE IDEAS to myself, all day.

        I always have options. I create and choose options as I
        need them to make my life beautiful and productive.

        I ENJOY doing the Most Important Thing and leave
        organizing for later!

        My attitude today is EXTREMELY GOOD!

        I have TONS of SELF CONFIDENCE!

        Attention is all there is. What I pay attention to is
        what I do.

        Business is Great!
        People are Wonderful!
        Life is Terrific!

    Write your own now:

    Well, you can only learn so much by reading. Now is the time
    to write an affirmation of your own. Following the above
    twelve steps, design one personal affirmation right now, to
    help you with the goal, weakness, belief, or feeling you
    wrote down above.

    Write it in the space below or on a separate piece of paper
    before reading on.



    I will return to the subject of your affirmations at the end
    of this newsletter, but for now, let's look at another power
    mental tool you can use to motivate yourself.
Two challenges

    It is now time for me to place two challenges in front of

    The first is for you to create the words for three personal
    affirmations that concentrate on some strengths or mental
    focus you wish to have.

    For your second challenge, tonight, when you go to bed, try
    asking your subconscious mind to work on solutions to one or
    two problems you face tomorrow and have the solutions ready
    for you when you wake. Give yourself permission to create the
    solutions. Expect the solutions when you wake. You'll have

    It's time for me to go now, my friend. Good-bye for now.

    And have a truly INCREDIBLE day!

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