Victory's Motivational Newsletter

Issue No. 6   Apr 16, 1996

by Victory Crayne

Our Motto: Life IS an incredibly beautiful experience!

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Table of Contents:

    Review of key ideas from the last issue
    Warm up
    First, let's get rid of the myths
    Self Hypnosis for Relaxation
    Self Hypnosis to Improve Healing
    Self Hypnosis for Energy, Creativity, and Clear Thinking
    Self Hypnosis to Overcome Writer's Block
    Self Hypnosis for Self Confidence, Motivation
    Waking to alertness
Review of key ideas from the last issue
    Do you remember the heart warming story of 'Who You Are
    Makes a Difference'? Helice Bridges shared with us the
    results of a high school class assignment in showing
    recognition and how it saved the life of one young student.

    Some people are literally dying from lack of recognition. I
    challenged you to tell someone close to you that you love
    them. Like the boy who was planning on committing suicide,
    those close to you need to hear you say the magic words 'I
    love you.'

    Next, to help you gain more happiness in your life, I shared
    with you some ideas on the power of hugs. For your own mental
    health, you need to give twelve hugs a day. You are human.
    You need hugs, as do the people around you. It's just that
    simple. Will you share six hugs today and again tomorrow? I
    only wish I could be with you to share one right now.

    In this issue, we will take a look at an often misunderstood
    skill - self-hypnosis. I will give you specific steps you can
    take to master this simple, yet amazingly powerful way to
    energize yourself, speed healing, increase your productivity,
    and improve your enjoyment of life.

Warm up

    In Issue 4, I discussed using your subconscious mind and gave
    you specific steps to design personalized affirmations to
    fit your individual needs. I wish to discuss one of them

        "The most powerful force I have is what I say to myself
        and believe."

    If you say mostly negative things to yourself, pretty soon
    you will be depressed and start focusing on debilitating
    negative thoughts. You find yourself focusing on the negative
    side of everything you encounter. You will expect the worst -
    and often get it.

    Once you start a negative attitude, it will tend to feed on
    itself. Without your realizing it, you will lose your natural
    ability to come up with new ideas to solve your problems.

    Is that what you really want?

    Of course not. So why do you do it?

    Mostly out of habit, I suspect. There are so many negative
    attitudes in the people around us, that it seems very easy to
    fall in step with them. It certainly takes an effort to buck
    the crowd.

        "The most powerful force I have is what I say to myself
        and believe. I will say only GREAT IDEAS to myself."

    What do you think will happen if you take charge of your
    thinking and say only positive things to yourself?

    As you continually repeat 'great ideas' to yourself, your
    mind will pick up on your words. If your subconscious mind
    could talk, it would say something like this: 'Oh. I am
    great! I can do anything! I like this!' Very confident and

    You will soon find that you have a positive attitude -
    naturally and effortlessly. In no time at all, you will
    regain your very natural ability to come up with solutions to
    your problems. After all,

        Losers see a problem in every solution.
        Winners see a solution for every problem.

    In this issue, we will discuss a powerful technique to help
    make you a winner - self-hypnosis. With this tool, you can
    have a long, private chat with your subconscious mind, giving
    it the kind of attitude you want.

    You may wish to print this issue and use it many times. We
    will start out with a simple relaxing exercise, then focus on
    some positive thoughts.

    The rest of this issue will include your own self-hypnosis

    In the future, when you feel the need to relax, bring out
    your copy and start reading from 'Self Hypnosis for

First, let's get rid of the myths

    Most people do not use self-hypnosis because they may have
    some negative ideas about it or they simply don't know how to
    do it.

    They may have the idea that they can only be hypnotized by
    someone else and are leery of allowing anyone else to
    'control their mind' with hypnosis.

    Let's start with dispelling the myths.

    First, since we are talking about self-hypnosis, the only one
    who will be doing the hypnotizing is YOU. No evil magicians
    here. Just you. And you certainly would not try to hurt
    yourself, would you?

    You will be in complete control of every word you use to
    hypnotize yourself. Right now, while you are fully awake, you
    will read every word, so nothing bad can sneak by you. If you
    don't like part of what you read in the words of this issue,
    just ignore them. I don't think you will ignore very many.
    There aren't any bad thoughts here.

    Second, if there were anything dangerous to you, you would
    not do it. It's just that simple. In self-hypnosis, you
    remain in control all the time.

    Third, you cannot place yourself into a deep trance. After
    all, you must be awake in order to read this or to talk to
    yourself, right? No deep, uncontrollable trance here. You
    will be awake all the time. The only difference between a
    deep trance and the one you will experience here today is
    that a self-hypnotic state is very light. Very light indeed.
    You will just be very relaxed.

    If you fall asleep while reading this, that's okay too. You
    probably were tired and needed to take a nap. You can pick
    up where you left off when you wake later.
Self Hypnosis for Relaxation

    We could all use some simple techniques to help us relax.

    So let's begin relaxing.

    As you read the rest of this issue, please remember to read
    every sentence slowly. Read every word slowly so you can hear
    it in your mind. Speed reading will cause you to miss the
    power of the cadence and content of the words. Envision
    yourself lying on a sofa and a hypnotist (you) is talking to
    you very slowly.

    Your subconscious tends to believe what it is told. Today you
    will be telling your subconscious mind to relax. And it will

    There are only a few basic steps in self-hypnosis. First you
    get your body to relax. Then you relax your mind by talking
    peacefully to yourself so that all the thoughts of the day
    are pushed aside. Finally you can concentrate on the new
    thoughts you wish your subconscious mind to focus on.

    As you say each thought to yourself, make sure you use
    positive words and sentences. Your subconscious mind does not
    understand the words 'no' or 'not'. You will do your best
    when you phrase every sentence in the positive. And use lots
    of repetition.

    Sounds easy, right? It is.

    And remember, if at any time, you feel the need to handle an
    emergency or to take action, you have the full power to do
    so. You are still awake and always in control.

    Let's begin, okay?

Put yourself in a relaxed environment first

    If you are used to having a radio or television or music
    going on in the background, I suggest you turn them off for
    now. Try to reduce or avoid any other noises or distracting

    Select your environment, a room or even outdoors, some place
    where you are safe and can totally relax. So it is as quiet
    and peaceful as you can get it.

    Obviously you should not be reading these words while driving
    or doing any movement like bicycling or walking.

    Some people prefer to print out these instructions and read
    them while sitting up in bed. Others may be able to relax in
    a comfortable chair. Others prefer to read the words on their
    computer monitor. Do whatever works best for you.

    Are you reading these sentences slowly, word for word?

    You want your mind to slow down.

    All day long your mind has been racing, going from one
    problem or thought to another.

    Now is the time to slow down.

    Really slow down.

    Read each word as if you had received a shot of Novocaine or
    pain numbing medicine in your jaw and you must speak the
    words through slowly moving lips and jaw.

    The key is to slow down that mind of yours.

    So, let's start with a deep breath.

    Inhale slowly, hold it for a few seconds, then let it out. As
    you exhale, feel your shoulders relaxing.

    Now take another deep breath, breathing in more slowly this
    time. Slowly. And let it out slowly. Slowly.

    You will breathe slowly from now to the end of this session.

    As you read these words, you will feel your shoulders
    relaxing, dropping down as the muscles let go of the tension
    of the day.

    You feel them relaxing even more now. Relaxing. Let your
    muscles respond now to these thoughts of relaxation you are

    Let it go. Relax.

    Now you are beginning to feel your mind go numb, as your eyes
    slowly scan these words on the screen or printed page. Read
    these words very slowly now so your mind can absorb their

    You have all the time in the world.

    There is no need to read fast now. You will read these words
    slowly as you are feeling very relaxed.

    Now take another deep breath ... and then let it out slowly
    as you did before.

    You are feeling your blood pressure go down, as you relax
    more. You feel your shoulders dropping even you begin to relax ALL the muscles in your body.

    Relax your arms now, allowing them to rest casually.

    The key is to focus your attention on relaxing each part of
    your body in turn.

    We will start with your right arm.

    As you read these words, you will feel the muscles all up and
    down your right arm begin to relax. Let it go. Let all the
    tension out.

    Feel your upper arm relax. Feel your elbow slacken. Feel the
    fingers of your hand sag. Relax.

    Now, let's move your attention to your left arm.

    You can feel the tension escape your left arm as you relax
    it. Let the muscles sag. Let them go. Relax.

    Your shoulders are next. Let them drop, as you continue to
    breathe slowly. Let all the tension out.

    Feels good already, doesn't it? Very calm.

    Even your stomach muscles are beginning to relax too, as your
    breathing slows even more.

    Now your legs are feeling a slight tingling sensation, as
    every muscle in your legs begins to relax. First your right
    leg relaxes. From the hip to the knee, then down to the
    ankle. Every muscle lets go. Even your toes are relaxing.

    Now shift your attention to your left hip. Feel the muscles
    and bones relax. All the way down your left leg, to your
    knee, to your ankle, and now your toes. Relaxing. Letting go.

    You are feeling very relaxed and comfortable now. You can
    hear the voice in your head as you read each sentence.

    You are feeling very relaxed. Very peaceful.

    You are feeling your body respond to these ideas of relaxing.
    Letting go.

    As you continue to breathe slowly, your attention returns to
    your breathing.

    Now you are feeling your chest rise up in a great big intake
    of air, as you take a deep, rich breath.

    And let it out slowly again, as you did before.

    You are now feeling a great sense of calm and peace
    throughout your body, as you relax even more.

    Let your shoulders drop a little more, relaxing as you go.

    Let go. Relax.

    You can feel your spine relaxing. All the muscles of your
    spine let go of their tension. The feeling of peace and calm
    spreads throughout your spine.

    Your neck now begins to relax. And all the muscles up the
    back of your head let go. Relaxing.

    You can feel the tiny muscles of your face sag, letting go of
    all the tension of the day. All of that is gone now.

    You are totally at peace with yourself.

    You are a truly wonderful person. You can feel that in every
    cell of your body now. You know it to be true.

    You like yourself more and more as you draw each breath,
    slowly breathing in, then slowly letting it out.

    You are beautiful. You are very much at peace with yourself.

    And very relaxed.

    You are feeling better with each breath. You are a truly
    wonderful person.

    This is what self-hypnosis is all about. Relaxing yourself so
    you can talk quietly to yourself.

Self Hypnosis to Improve Healing

    If you have had any injury or illness lately, your body will
    begin to focus attention on healing.

    If you have any part of your body which is sore or ill or not
    functioning properly, as you read these words on healing you
    will think of it and focus your healing energy there.

    You like your body. You are at peace with yourself.

    Your body can now feel itself getting better and better with
    each moment. Feeling relaxed and healthy with each breath you
    take. Over the next 24 hours, your body will respond to your
    wishes to heal.

    Many illnesses come from people who have forgotten to love
    themselves and their bodies.

    Now I want you to read these paragraphs slowly to yourself.
    The sentences will be repeated a little differently each

        I like myself and my body. We are friends. I will take
        good care of my body and in return, it will take good
        care of me.

        I like myself and my body. We are really good friends. I
        will take good care of my body and my body will take good
        care of me.

        I love my body and am treating it well, to keep excellent
        health, free of pain. Together my body and I continue our
        love affair with each other.

        I love my body and treat it well.

    As you read these words, you feel that love for yourself
    being refreshed.

    You truly are a wonderful person. You feel it in every inch of
    your body and every part of your mind.

    As each day goes by now, you will feel healthier and healthier.
    Your body loves you too and wishes you well.

    Scientists have found tiny little cells that are much like
    brain cells in every part of the human body. You feel those
    little brain cells throughout your body now, taking charge of
    your health. You and your body are friends again.

    You can feel your mind and your whole body focus on sending
    healing energy to all parts of your body. As each moment
    passes, you can feel any sore or ill parts absorbing your own
    instructions to heal, getting better and better over the next
    24 hours.

    Repeat these words:

        I am healthy.

        I am getting healthier and healthier every day.

    It's good to like yourself and you do like yourself very

    You will feel better with each passing day.
Self Hypnosis for Energy, Creativity, and Clear Thinking

    In order to tap into the tremendous energy and creativity you
    have within you, as is your natural birthright as a human
    being, you need to be at peace with yourself.

    And in love with yourself.

    As you relax here today, you can sense your native abilities
    for creative thinking improving. It was there all the time.
    All you have to do is give yourself permission to be

    Repeat these words:

        I have a natural ability to be creative.

        I give myself permission to be very creative today.

        It's a wonderful feeling to be creative and I feel it

        I can create any idea I want.

    When it is time to come out of this very relaxed state, you
    will feel the release of the tremendous problem solving
    powers of your mind. When you are fully alert again, your
    mind will race with enthusiasm for thinking of solutions -
    and new ideas.

    As you need them, new ideas and solutions will come to your
    mind, instantly.

    When the time comes to wake up to full alertness, you will
    feel the natural energy of your whole mind and body
    responding to this wonderful sense of self again.

    We will return to these ideas later. Now let's focus on some
    specific areas.

Self Hypnosis to Overcome Writer's Block

    If you are a writer, you know that occasionally you lose
    steam, the drive to come up with new ideas.

    All that is behind you now. As your mind and body become more
    in tune with each other, you will find your natural writing
    ability expressing itself again.

    You are now feeling free of tension in your life. You are
    releasing the TREMENDOUS creative powers of your imagination.

    If you are writing fiction, ideas for plot, characters,
    setting, backstory, pace, dialogue, etc. will come racing
    into your mind when it is time to write again.

    You are a storyteller.

    You will take great joy in creating each scene, each
    description, each sentence of dialogue. It is a great
    treasure to be able to spin a yarn for the pleasure of
    others. You can feel that now.

    Repeat these words:

        I am a great teller of stories.

        I can feel the stories in my mind now.

        My storytelling is better now than ever before.

    You will have full confidence in yourself, learning as you
    go. You will write each sentence, each paragraph, exactly as
    you need to paint this wonderful story of yours in the minds
    of your readers.

    You will be able to fully envision each scene as soon as you
    think of it, with great clarity and detail. Your mind is
    racing to imagine the whole story and each part of it. You
    feel a great compulsion to write it all down, totally
    immersed in your story. It is all coming to you now.

    If you are writing nonfiction, your keen ability to picture
    the subject of your attention will be extraordinarily strong.
    You will be able to remember every detail and call upon them
    as needed. You will be able to describe your subject with a
    great joy - as you picture talking face to face with your

    You will be able to see in your mind's eye the reactions of
    your readers to your every word. You will see your readers
    absorbing what you have to say. As you lay out your words in
    front of their eyes, you will remember every detail you need,
    at exactly the right time.

    It is great to be a writer, isn't it? You have talent to help
    others see what is in your mind. As you need the words, they
    will come to you effortlessly, each in their own order,
    helping you paint the picture for them.

    You are truly yourself as you write. You will feel on top of
    the world, writing rapidly.

    When the time comes to begin writing again, all this
    wonderful feeling of self-confidence will return to you.

    You have talent. You know it. Now you will express it, in
    your own unique way.

    You will be prolific in your writing.

    The key is to get in tune with yourself. And right now you
    are very much in tune with yourself.

    You will write well and you will do the best job you have
    ever done!
Self Hypnosis for Self Confidence, Motivation

    Are you reading these words slowly? Of course you are.

    It is great to be you, isn't it? You are truly a wonderful
    person. All is right in your mind.

    When you were a child, you had great self-confidence to try
    things over and over again, until you learned them.

    You picked yourself up and started over again every time you
    fell. It is the same now.

    That little child is still in you. Fully confident that you
    can master anything you try. You can feel that tremendous
    confidence now, more than ever before. You are wonderful!

    Your life is your own unique work of art. You have come a
    long way, learning more and more about yourself every year.

    When it is time to become fully alert again, your own sense
    of self-confidence will be higher than ever before!

    Remember when we discussed:

        The simplest formula for success is this:

        Follow Winners, Avoid Losers.

    That applies to your thoughts also. From now on, you will
    follow winning and positive thoughts and avoid losing and
    negative thoughts.

    You believe you can be whatever you want to be. It's true and
    you know it now with every fiber of your being.

    You truly can be whatever you want to be.

    You deserve it. And you are going to get it.

        The greatest gift you can give yourself is belief in

    Today, as you relax and read these words, you feel tremendous
    belief in yourself. With crystal clarity, you can now see the
    truth in these words for yourself:

        I can DO it!
Waking to alertness

    Now, as we share these moments, you will begin to waken from
    your relaxed state.

    As you read each sentence, you will find your breathing
    picking up, each breath a little more lively than the one

    You feel a great sense of energy and well-being surge
    throughout your body.

    You can feel it in your feet.

    It's coming up your legs now.

    Entering your torso. Energy! Self-confidence!

    Coming up your neck.

    And now filling your whole head with a great sense of
    beautiful energy and well-being!

    You are alive! And feeling better than before!

    You are now fully awake, feeling happy to be alive.

    You are fully alert now.

    Feeling wonderful about yourself.

    You ARE a great person - and you feel it in every cell in
    your body!

    In a normal issue, I would review what we covered. However I
    think it would be better to end here so you can focus on your
    new feelings.

    Have a great time!

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